Solo exhibitions 

2020 A tribute for the daughter for river 58, Forbidden city, Antwerp (BE)

2019 "And the name of the star was wormwood.", Factor 44 Antwerp (BE)


2018 Video screening Oh Great Kings Of Moulding, Atelier Arthur Rogiers  Brussels (BE)




Group exhibitions

2020 een blik achter de muur, blikfabriek Antwerp (BE)

2019 Zonder kunstenaars geen kunst, NICC, Mhuka Antwerp (BE)

2019 TOBE Antwerpen, Tersago/Dedecker, Antwerp (BE)

2019 De wilde expo, bar Letour, Antwerp (BE)

2019 OMG Is Pink the new Black? Antwerp (BE)


2019 Anaconda Group Show Antwerp (BE)

2018 Freedom explained logically Group Exhibition Antwerp (BE)


2018 Freedom explained logically Group Exhibition Düsseldorf (GER)


2017 WOEST: Group Exhibitions, Antwerp (BE)

2015 720HOURS: Group Exhibitions Antwerp (BE)

2015 Pumas Van Quitatrue: Group Exhibition Antwerp (BE)






2018-2019 Master sculpture, Royal Academy, Antwerp


2015-2018 Fine arts, Sint Lucas Antwerpen 

Born 21/08/1996 Antwerp